Young Innovactor Camp

For Young Coder and Young Maker
An educational branch of Mokoversity farm plan.

YIC is powered by Mokoversity*
* The hackers lead pre-startup school in Taiwan.

What is YIC ?

Young Innovator Camp (YIC) is a branch of Mokoversity farm plan. YIC is designed for ages 14-19. In YIC, they will attend CS101 courses during the 5-days camp, and enjoy problem solving challenge.

Course Roadmap

The design of YIC courses is self-contained. Teachers will teach youngs learning basic technical skills. In YIC camp, mentors will also lively introduce the global change.


Crazyflie is an open platform developed by   Bitcraze AB.

DIY Your Crazyflie

Your will use Crazyflie open platform. We will ask you to DIY your Crazyflie and build your own crazy idea. Students will form a team to develop algorithm, invoke Open APIs and programming Crazyflie.

Problem Solving

We know hackers are most productive because they spend most of their time hacking. Your mission is to develop technically mind and hack the problem.

YIC #1 Plan


Feb. 12, 2015 to Feb. 16, 2015, totally 5 days. Office hour is 2PM to 8PM. 6 hours for each day.


Your need to bring your own laptop. And you can purchase Crazyflie online at Seeed.


Exposure to languages including Python and JavaScript are beneficial, but none are required.

YIC Circle

Let us add you to YIC line group, and watch live courses online. Join YIC Nano School.


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